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Improvement via Integration

Improvement via Integration

An integrated ERP system is an essential contributor to the success of a company. It promotes transparency and process reliability in a company and reduces the proneness to errors significantly. 

In sizable companies a lot depends on the quality and performance of the software used. Its performance capability is a fundamental element for the success of the company and its positioning in regards to the competitors. With the software being able to support processes in many different business areas, the likelihood of being able to achieve company-wide efficiency and transparency in business transactions increases. If achieved this often results in a sustainable competitive advantage.
The approach to include everything in one software programme represents the highest degree of integration. Kaem offers implementation and support services for some of the most reputed ERP systems i.e. Microsoft Dynamics and Tally ERP. Both these software have thousands of implementations worldwide and are used by millions of users. 

Microsoft Dynamics, in the meantime have a module portfolio which goes far beyond the classic functional areas of ERP. The software for example helps you engage with customers like never before utilizing marketing, customer service and customer insight modules. 

Not all required components are necessarily part of standard offerings of an ERP software, special cases and industry-specific characteristics are not necessarily included. Nevertheless the functional experts and developers at Kaem can assist companies in modification and enhancement of the software to meet their individual needs. This also includes integration with other software and hardware that the company may already be using or plans to use in the future.
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